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"JoAnne Chalom has delivered multiple informative presentations at AER conferences, and I highly recommend attending any of her presentations. Her understanding of autonomous vehicles and their potential impact for individuals with vision loss has brought new and unique insight to attendees of Ms. Chalom's presentations, and she continues to present information on the forefront of the growing topic autonomous vehicles."

Shannon Darst, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of Special Education bei Stephen F. Austin State University






















"It is my pleasure to recommend JoAnne Chalom, a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS) who provides exemplary service to our blind and deaf-blind clients. Ms. Chalom works with individuals with visual impairments and demonstrates techniques and strategies that can increase their ability to travel around their home, community and work environments. Ms. Chalom understands the importance of quality services for people with visual impairments as they strive to master skills in order to increase their independence and lead productive lives. Ms. Chalom has completed environmental analyses to determine which treatments in the built environments would expand accessibility for clients. She has advocated for the installation of many treatments in the built environments such as Accessible Pedestrians Signals. Ms. Chalom has been in communication with county Traffic Department to determine the status of these requests.
Ms. Chalom's dedication and passion for 'doing whatever it takes' is evident as soon as you meet her. Her mission is palpable, to provide orientation and mobility services which results in obtaining skills for greater independenc

Carolyn Lapp, Executive Director

Florida Outreach Center for the Blind


“JoAnne Chalom has made significant contributions to the field of Orientation and Mobility in many areas. She is a regular presenter at professional conferences in the field of blindness and vision loss, as well as outside entities. JoAnne's involvement in related professions, such as the field of Traffic Engineering has been invaluable. She has helped Traffic and Transportation professionals understand the unique travel needs of those with blindness and vision loss, and has also brought information about changes in the built environment to Orientation and Mobility Specialists so that they can be prepared in delivering timely information to the individuals they serve. Her ability to "speak the language" of both professions makes her skill set highly valuable to both fields.”

Chris Tabb, MA,COMS 

Texas School for the Deaf and Blind-Statewide Orientation and Mobility Consultant


“JoAnne has contracted with the Monroe County School District in Florida. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. JoAnne's commitment to student achievement and overall improvement goes without saying. Her evaluations and reports in the area of Orientation and Mobility are exceptional while providing the School District with a precise plan, direction, and follow through. She has been a valuable asset to the Monroe County Schools.”

Sharon Day,MS, CCC-SLP   

Speech Pathologist/ AT Specialist at Monroe County School District (retired)



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