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Being an employee of a bureaucracy is very different than being a contractor for a bureaucracy, it's equivalent to two children playing in a sandbox. As a bureaucrat you risk being sent to timeout for throwing sand, but as a contractor you can throw a little sand and not get into too much trouble. The consequences of throwing a lot sand are more direct when you are contractor, the agency contracting your services can choose to not play in the same sandbox, especially if you start throwing mud.

As a bureaucrat if you throw mud you can be sent to a less than desirable sandbox, but it's still within the umbrella of the sandbox community. Your sandbox supervisor can start observing your sandbox skills and critique your sandcastle building abilities on a daily basis. You might even choose to find 'playtime' in another sandbox community that is a better fit for you and you sandcastle building skills. You really have to throw a lot of mud and show total disregard for the rules and regulations of the sandbox community in order to be invited to leave. So play nicely in the sandbox if want to stay with your sandbox community either as a contractor or a bureaucrat. viagra software

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